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March 31, 2014

More Students from Ohio (submitted by Melody Around The World)

Melody with students in Perrysburg, Ohio. Perrysburg is a suburb of Toledo and is located along the Maumee River. (Melody#004A1113)

Melody with Students in Ohio (submitted by Melody Around The World)

Melody with students in Perrysburg, Ohio. Perrysburg is a suburb of Toledo and is located along the Maumee River. (Melody#004A1113)

March 29, 2014

Melody went to the beach (Submitted by St. Anne's Grade 5)

Melody came to The Bahamas, and she'll tell you that there is no better feeling than sea breeze blowing in your hair and face. (Melody#032B0114)

Melody in the classroom (Submitted by St. Anne's Grade 5)

Melody was very helpful with presentations. She gave the students that extra confidence they needed. (Melody#032B0114)

Inside St. Anne's Church (Submitted by St. Anne's Grade 5)

Melody had to and see where our school got its start in 1955; The historic St. Anne's Anglican Church. (Melody#032B0114)

Taking a picture with our Vice Principal (Submitted by St. Anne's Grade5)

Our Vice Principal Mrs. Archer, was just as excited as us to have Melody on campus. The special crest was brought out. (Melody#032B0114)

Melody after St.Anne's Medal Award ceremony (Submitted by St. Anne'sGrade 5)

Melody was in time to witness our awards ceremony for the athletes who took part in this years sports day, and Aglican Schools' Festival. She even got to wear a few medals. (Melody#032B0114)

March 19, 2014

Parker Varney ES (submitted by @jllowton)

The 4th grade students in Miss Jobel's class had a great visit with Melody. She saw a lot of great independent activities and technology used in this classroom and listened to some rich class discussions. (Melody #007A1113)

Lillyanna and Melody in NH (submitted by @jllowton)

My name is Lilly and we had Melody come and visit our family in southwestern NH. Melody did not like the look of our driveway when she first came or the dirt roads nearby that get very muddy and hard to travel on. She came with us everywhere and I talked to her a lot about where I live.

The Lowton Family Southwestern NH (Melody #007A1113)

March 11, 2014

Melody on our Word Chart at MMS (submitted by Anabel Gonzalez)

We know how much Melody loves words. Here she is among our list of academic vocabulary. (Melody#035B0114)

MMS' Room H5 (submitted by Anabel Gonzalez)

MMS' 7th Grade ESL students have identified the equivalent of room H5. We took a photo of Melody in front of that room. (Melody#035B0114)

Melody at the Mooresville Middle School Media Center (submitted by Anabel Gonzalez)

This is a photo of Melody at our media center where she would be able to listen in on a book discussion. She would actually be sitting where the red chair is now. (Melody#035B0114)

March 10, 2014

Gymnastic Meet (submitted by Mrs. Burmeister)

Melody went to a gymnastic meet with 2 classmates and even tried on a new leotard. (Melody#033B0114)

Reading a Book (Mrs. Burmeister)

Melody enjoyed picking out a book on tape and reading it during reading week at school. (Melody#033B0114)

March 9, 2014

Sleep Over (submitted by Maria)


Learning German (submitted by Maria)

When she visited my house over the weekend, she did a variety of activities since we had a lot going on! I first made her a mini room (picture below) and showed her around the house. She made lots of new friends (including my cat Zguf!) and I also taught her a little German. I had also fed her soft foods, such as yoghurt, soft vegetables, rice, and so on. As a last treat, we visited Caroline and stayed there overnight. We then took a sneak peek at the Fasnacht parade! One of the most challenging parts of having Melody over, was that everyone thought that I was crazy because I was talking to a piece of paper. This is hard to ignore most of the time because you feel stupid that you are talking to paper. Another challenging part was that I was so used to having answers to my questions or conversations, so that was a little annoying. This actually made me feel like I can tell Melody about anything and she will understand. Taking her to different locations was another challenge. Like the stables, the apartment my family lives in has a lot of stairs. To make matters worse, we are at the top floor! I think Melody has enjoyed her stay here, because she had diverse experiences from all of us! Melody felt like one of those friends you have been with since kindergarten! I have realized really how it feels to be misjudged, and how much work it also is to take care of someone with any disability. (Melody#024B0114)

Where's Melody? (submitted by Malti)


Playground (submitted by Ida)

It was challenging to have Melody stay with us because others did not know who she was and gave us looks like we were crazy when we had her with us. Also the stables have lots of stairs and that gave us lots of problems getting her down the stairs. Still I think she enjoyed her stay with us since everybody took part and helped her. Second she got to see the mountains and got to see some of our families and what we do after school. During Melody’s visit I learned that if someone like her would come to our school we would probably have to install an elevator or something else to help take herself up and down in the schools buildings. Melody helped me realize that our school is probably one of the worst choices of school for someone in a wheelchair. Our school should do something so our school can take in people like Melody. It was lovely when Melody came to stay with us! :-) (Melody#024B0114)

City Skyline (submitted by Karoline)


Handmade Elevator (submitted by Karoline)

I think that the most challenging part of having Melody in our class was telling people that she was a part of our class (sometimes only). I think she enjoyed the stay in Switzerland because she got to see the mountains, Z√Érich Zee (the picture below), snow (a bit), some different cantons and much more. We also included her as much as possible in our breaks and lessons. I think that we all learned that it’s nearly impossible to have someone with a disability in the stables with all those stairs. When I brought her home I made her a little lift because we have some stairs at our house (the picture). I will miss her because it really felt like she was one of my friends! It was really fun to have Melody in ICS/Switzerland! (Melody#024B0114)

(submitted by Malti)


(submitted by Malti)

There was not much I could do with her so I let her sleep most of the time because she was probably very tired after the school day and sometimes she watched me do things on my computer. I think yes and no because she gets involved a lot in our activities but some people still treat her like she's a piece of paper :T I learned how hard it is to get someone involved in our activities with a disability. (Melody#024B0114)

March 4, 2014

Melody on the Playground, Recess time (submitted by Ms. Piccirilli)

Melody played hide and seek with some students as they creatively tried to find hiding spots around the playground area. American Overseas School of Rome, Italy (Melody#028B0114)

March 2, 2014

Snowy! (Submitted by Grade 3/4 in Fergus)

Melody in the snow outside our school at J. D. Hogarth. We are ready for Spring here in Fergus, Ontario, Canada! (Melody#013A1113)

Sleepover (Submitted by Grade 3/4 in Fergus)

Melody enjoying a Sleepover at Ella's house with her Maplelea Doll. JE Hogarth Public School in Fergus, Ontario, Canada. (Melody#013A1113)