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May 26, 2014

Melody Visits Houston, TX (submitted by Mac Bechtol)

Melody visited St. John's School in Houston, Texas. She enjoyed the day with the 4th graders. She rode on our swing in the front yard. It is a Live Oak which is green year round in Houston.
I love feeling a connection to other places in the world. I learned more about people like Melody. I learned it is hard for them in a different way. I also learned that a book can be taken to the next level! This was a fun experience. I wish I had gotten Melody sooner. I didn't have much time because it took so long for her to arrive in Houston. (Melody #050B0414)

May 23, 2014

Melody eats cotton candy at Santa Cruz Boardwalk (submitted by McMo)

After paddle boarding, CarWhi’s dad took the girls to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk where she rode the Giant Dipper (roller coaster) and then enjoyed some cotton candy. A lot of people stared when we had Melody at the ride, and we realized it would make Melody sad and mad  to have people stare at her all the time. (Melody #024B0114)

Melody gets ready to hang 10 (Submitted by McMo)

Melody planned to go surfing with CarWhi on Sunday 5/18 but the waves weren’t good, so they went paddle boarding instead. We realized Melody would have done better in a kayak or something where she could sit. (Melody #024B0114)

Melody having dinner at the Beach Hut (submitted by McMo)

Melody spent last night with LaBri and her family, they went to a new restaurant, The Beach Hut and found  table suited for Melody’s chair. (Melody #024B0114)

Melody doing homework (submitted by McMo)

Melody went home with CaLa last night. They had a lot of fun, but also did homework together. CaLa made Melody her own math journal. CaLa, like many of her classmates, found that their homes were not well suited for wheelchairs.  (Melody #024B0114)

Melody at Cowells in Santa Cruz (submitted by McMo)

Melody went with CarWhi’s family to the famous Cowell’s surf shop. There is an historic mural there. Can you see Melody? (Melody #024B0114)