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February 27, 2014

Melody Snowshoeing (submitted by Grade 4/5 Mary Hanley)

Melody got the chance to enjoy the one nice day she spent with us in Edmonton by going snowshoeing with us. (#022B0114)

February 26, 2014

Melody Helps Us Learn (submitted by Renaissance College Hong Kong)

Melody is helping us think about empathy. We are looking at photos and talking about how people feel. (Melody#025B0114)

Melody Visits Hong Kong (submitted by Renaissance College Hong Kong)

Melody Around The World learning Chinese words for Peace and Conflict with 2CM (Melody#025B0114)

Trying Melody's Wheelchair (submitted by Our Lady of the Assumption)

Students trying out Melody's wheelchair, pink shirt day and building elevators in science. Great day! (Melody#010A1113)

Making Puzzles (submitted by Our Lady of the Assumption)

Students making instruction puzzles for secret exits like in our novel study - City of Ember. (Melody#010A1113)

Melody at Duke 2014 (submitted by Duke of Cambridge Public School)

This is a short video of Melody's visit at Duke of Cambridge Public School. (Melody#014A1113)
Melody at Duke 2014

Dinner with Melody in (submitted by Athena from Renaissance CollegeHong Kong)

I'm taking Melody to Chinese restaurant for the dinner, we're eating the sticky rice/ glutinous rice. (Melody#025B0114)

Athena Takes Melody to Painting Class (submitted by Athena from Renaissance College Hong Kong)

I was taking Melody to my painting class in Ma On Shan, HK. We had a fun day. (Melody#025B0114)

February 25, 2014

Learning with Melody (submitted by Renaissance College Hong Kong)

We are talking about what peace and conflict look like, feel like, and sound like. (Melody#025B0114)

Pink Shirt Day (submitted by Our Lady of the Assumption School)

Melody is ready to stand up to bullying tomorrow! pinkshirtday.ca (Melody#010A1113)

Collage of Learning with Melody (submitted by Our Lady of the Assumption School)

Melody is having a great day touring our school, reading books and playing fractions games. (Melody#010A1113)

Visiting New Territories in Hong Kong (submitted by Renaissance College Hong Kong)

Melody visited the New Territories. Last week Melody went home with a student who lives in the country park. She found out that we have wild cattle in the New Territories and she was VERY surprised. She found out that Hong Kong is not just a busy city. (Melody#025B0114)

Melody Learning with Students (submitted by Renaissance College Hong Kong)

Melody is learning about homophones. (Melody#025B0114)

Reading to Melody (submitted by Renaissance College Hong Kong)

I read my journal to Melody. I told Melody that I wish I had a puppy. (Melody #025B0114)

Teaching Melody to Use Twitter (submitted by Renaissance College Hong Kong)

First 2CM student is tweeting from RCHK and teaching Melody how to use twitter. (Melody #025B0114)

February 21, 2014

Arbutus wordle (submitted by Carol McDougall)

Melody helped my students connect to their schoolmates and the global classroom. It has been an outstanding literacy opportunity. Thank you Ms. Hampson's 4th grade class in White Rock Missouri. My school's wordle, along with two photos, went with Melody to Ladoga Elementary in Indiana. (Melody#016B0114)

Baby Visit (submitted by Carol McDougall)

Melody missed her sister and thought about home when our roots of empathy baby Matthew visited us. We talked about the story behind our names. (Melody#016B0114)

Class photo (submitted by Carol McDougall)

On her final day, she visited the salmon incubation tank for a parting group shot. She also watched an exciting Olympic women's hockey game with hundreds of cheering students in our cafeteria. (Melody#016B0114)

Cadboro Bay Beach (submitted by Carol McDougall)

Another overnight at Abby's house which is near the beach. (Melody#016B0114)

Nana's garden (submitted by Carol McDougall)

Overnight for a sleepover at Jane's house looking at beautiful blooms at Jane's Nana's house next door. (Melody#016B0114)

PhD candidate (submitted by Carol McDougall)

Melody meets Sarah Fletcher, a PhD candidate, who also has cerebral palsy. She is encouraged to hear Elizabeth May, MP and leader of our federal Green Party who told us "In a democracy even one person can make change…believe that you can". (Melody#016B0114)

Sahara's communication system (submitted by Carol McDougall)

Inspired by our speakers, Melody watches Sahara ask a great question (Melody#016B0114)

Acrostic poems (submitted my Carol McDougall)

Kenny showed her our class acrostic poems from our novel study 'When Two Cultures Meet' (Melody#016B0114)

Library workshop (submitted by Carol McDougall)

She attended a workshop for students on creating great questions for our guest speakers. (Melody#016B0114)

Sahara (submitted by Carol McDougall)

Melody met Sahara, a kindred spirit. (Melody #016B0114)

Arbutus Global (submitted by Carol McDougall)

Melody arrived at our French Immersion, Global Middle School in Victoria, BC, Canada on Valentine's Day. (Melody#016B0114)

Helping Melody Explore Our School in Hong Kong (submitted by Renaissance College Hong Kong)

Luckily we have 3 elevators in our school. Melody can access most places in our school with our help. (Melody#025B0114)

Melody was Thirsty in Hong Kong (submitted by Renaissance College HongKong)

2CM students thought Melody was thirsty after her long flight to Hong Kong.(Melody#025B0114)

Lunch with Melody in Hong Kong (submitted by Renaissance College Hong Kong)

Melody went to lunch with 2CM. We wondered if she likes sandwiches,rice or noodles best? (Melody#025B0114)

Melody in Hong Kong, China (submitted by Renaissance College Hong Kong)

Melody has a busy timetable. She is celebrating UN Mother Language Day with Y2. (Melody#025B0114)

Melody in China (submitted by Renaissance College Hong Kong)

Melody has arrived in Hong Kong. She is learning what causes problems and how to solve them. Melody helped 2CM students make a digital version of their story board about conflict and different perspectives. We are using DoodleCast to create digital stories about conflict, cause of problems feelings and solutions. (Melody#025B0114)

February 20, 2014

Melody at Our School, Toronto, Ontario (Submitted by Duke of Cambridge Public School, Bowmanville, Ontario)

This is a picture of Melody in our tiny school elevator.  This is how students took her with them around our school this week.  (Melody 014A1113) Serena Thatcher Language Arts Teacher, grades 6,7,8 Duke of Cambridge P.S. (905) 623-5437

Melody at the Science Centre, Toronto, Ontario (submitted by Duke of Cambridge Public School, Bowmanville, Ontario)

This is a picture of Melody outside the Science Centre in Toronto, Ontario. Notice all the snow! The Science Centre also tweeted about us and this project on Twitter and they have 10,000 folowers! (Melody#014A1113)

February 18, 2014

Melody Begins Arriving (submitted by Melody Around The World)

Melody has begun to arrive at locations all over the world. We are excited to hear about her new experiences. Please share your learning with the rest of the world by filling out the Travel Log Form and submitting extra photos of Melody's visit here. Tell us about life and learning in your part of the world, so we can all learn about each other. Thank you for helping Melody travel the world! (Melody #005A1113 through Melody #040B0114)

February 4, 2014

Melody is ready to go! (submitted by Melody Around The World)

Melody is finally ready to begin traveling around the world! If you have already signed up, you will be receiving a copy of Melody's Travel Itinerary soon. We would like to encourage you to begin making global connections with other participants as quickly as possible. This project is meant to be interactive and depends on your participation to be successful. If you haven't signed up yet, it's not too late! We will be adding to Melody's Travel Itineraries continuously, so jump in, sign up in the sidebar of the home page, and begin your global learning!

February 2, 2014

Melody in Japan (submitted by Sharon M. Draper)

This young lady is named Yoshie. She's a college student in Hiroshima, and she and two of her friends (Kaye and Yumiko) escorted me all around the town, including the shopping areas, getting on the bullet train, and, of course, McDonalds! (Melody #004A1113)

February 1, 2014

Melody in Hiroshima, Japan (submitted by Sharon M. Draper)

Melody recently made her first trip to Japan with author Sharon M. Draper. In this photo, they are at Hiroshima's Peace Memorial Park. In the background of the photo, the A-Bomb Dome can be seen. This building was one of the few left standing with the first atom bomb exploded over Hiroshima the morning of August 6, 1945. It has been preserved and now stands as a symbol for lasting peace. (Melody# 004A1113)